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Anti-Сorruption Аxe — we are an association of compassionate Ukrainians who consider the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine to be uncontested and indisputable. We believe that public pressure from activists around the world will help restore justice and punish criminals, regardless of how much money or influence they have.

We initiate and organize information campaigns, taking direct action across different regions of the country, and the world, by serving to defend the interests of Ukraine and the rights of its citizens. Having won online primaries with a wide margin, we entered the Civil Oversight Council at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) — the main body that fights corruption in Ukraine. Over the years, it has maintained a good reputation, however, politicians and oligarchs are trying to get NABU to work for their private interests, neglecting the interests of the state.

By controlling the judiciary, we make our public contribution to the battle against corruption.

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